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Utilizing a network of more than 130,000 RE/MAX agents worldwide, our highly specialized and skilled agents individually tailor real estate transactions to meet the needs of each client.

Considering purchasing real estate?

Please consult with RE/MAX WISH, which has "agents" who are familiar with the local community and environment for housing selection and remodeling.
The RE/MAX Mortgage Desk will also support customers with the most important aspect of the purchase process, the mortgage loan.
We have experts in commercial real estate and income-producing real estate, and provide support from purchase, operation, and sale.

For those considering selling real estate.

We will maximize your sales plan with a focus on "condominiums and detached houses" + "vacant house consultation".
We can handle all kinds of issues such as voluntary sales, real estate under common ownership, and consultation on inheritance.
Certified real estate consulting masters and vacant house counselors support the sale of commercial and income-producing real estate in terms of legal and practical aspects.
Master of Real Estate Consulting

Those who wish to lease the real estate they own.

RE/MAX agents do more than just introduce tenants.
We work closely with rental managers on land utilization, maximizing income from existing properties, assembling long-term rental management, tenant reps, design, renovation, and more.
A certified real estate consulting master is on staff as an agent to back up your real estate management.

Looking for a rental property?

We help make your life happier! We will listen to your requests and conditions, and from our vast property information, we promise to find you the best match.
We provide one-stop support for your business, from finding offices, stores, warehouses, and other commercial rental properties to serving as a familiar advisor to help your business succeed.

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