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Takeo Nagase


Takeo Nagase

Real estate agent, Real estate manager


Born in Kawanishi City, Hyogo Prefecture in 1968. Graduated from the Department of Business Administration, Faculty of Commerce and Economics, Kinki University in 1990.
After graduating from university, I worked in sales for a printing-related company and a design/planning company before starting CAFE TIPO 8 in Nakatsu, Kita-ku, Osaka City at the age of 45. There, I work as a barista roasting coffee beans and doing latte art.

I was interested in the real estate industry and took the real estate exam at the age of 45, but it took me eight years to pass the exam, because I was so far away from passing the exam.
But in the process, I realized that if you don't give up, you can always achieve your goals.

Upon obtaining the Real Estate Transaction Qualification, I will take a new step forward in the real estate industry at RE/MAX WISH as a third career in March 2022.


・Registered real-estate broker
・Rental Property Management Specialist

Hobby Qualifications

・2nd class small ship pilot
・Large 2-wheel license
・PADI diving certification etc.



Favorite motto

If you do, it will be done, and whatever must be done, if it is not done, it is the will of the one who does not do it.


I myself live in a built-up detached house.
However, I am not very satisfied. There is dissatisfaction.
Sometimes I wish we had gone with a custom-built house.(>_<)

I also refinanced my mortgage twice. It was tough.(>_<)

Outside of housing, I sent my daughter to study in the US for a year. It was tough.(>_<)

I also currently run a cafe. It is hard work in Corona.('ω')ノ

We also do a little rental management of condominiums.('ω')ノ

I hope to apply what I have learned from these experiences to your benefit in some small way.
If you have a problem, you can always go to that person for advice, and that's the kind of agent you can rely on!
I will do my best to be "customer first"!
please treat me well!!(^^)!

Try me by all means!! m(__)m

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