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Thank you for visiting our agent website.
My areas of responsibility are.

◇Brokerage of new single-family homes
◇Land search + custom-built housing
◇Brokerage of existing single-family homes
◇Brokerage of existing condominiums
◇Consultation for Sale
◇Consultation on home renovation
◇Landscaping and exterior planning
is the main scope of work.
We have professional experience in each of these areas.

Property information is as follows
Newly-built single-family houses・・・approx.20,000
Used single-family homes・・・approx.50,000
Used condominiums・・・approx.60,000

Some of the properties are privately held through my own channels.
Shopping for real estate is a process of The housing of the customer's request = housing that suits the customerIt is not necessarily.
The customer of the beginning of the search is In most cases, the search starts from the point of "helping to establish your own requests".

I was looking for a new house but decided to buy a used house in good condition.
I was looking for a house for sale, but decided to go with a house builder.
I was looking for a new house but decided to buy a house builder.
I was looking for a new house but decided to go with a used house builder.
I don't know what to look for in a house to make sure it is safe.
I don't know what to look for in a house.
We understand that every customer has his/her own unique situation and needs.

I believe that sales is
I believe that sales is not a "sales activity", but rather
I believe that sales is not to serve customers as a "sales activity," but rather to think together about their needs and
I believe that sales is not a "sales activity", but rather a way of thinking about the customer's needs and making flexible proposals.

■ In a new single-family home.
I can talk about structure, insulation, durability, termites, and even in-depth discussions about the ground.

■Custom-built construction.
Collaboration with architects
Collaboration with an architect" and "High quality proposal in collaboration with a construction company" are also available.
We can also offer a wide range of services.
Also, we can consult with you on
We can also provide consultation on construction methods.
In the case of used properties
You can also consult with us on the examples of properties that require caution when purchasing.
As for land
Please consult with us about the sale of land, regardless of the size or type of property.
We also have many connections with housing land suppliers.

Please contact us for a land purchase consultation, as we may be able to show you privately held properties depending on the timing.
Until you purchase, it is a proposal.
The real relationship begins after you purchase.
We do not do sales that remain after the sale.

It may be difficult to convey some of the information in the profile.
Please feel free to contact us.

Please contact

+81-6-6867-9180Reception hours (weekdays)9:00 〜 18:00Contact us by e-mail

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