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Yoshitomo Ueda


Yoshitomo Ueda

Real Estate History
40 years
Real estate agent, 2nd class financial planning technician,
2nd class architect, 2nd class construction management engineer


After graduating from high school, he worked for a local lighting equipment company, and at the age of 20, left his hometown of Onokoro Island "Awaji Island" to start his own business ・・・・・・ after about 10 years of training as a salesman for a built-for-sale housing sales company in Osaka.
With what I had learned, I started the building sales business. We sold 150 houses at 10 sites and 10 newly built profitable condominiums per year, and grew the company to have 50 employees and sales exceeding 5 billion yen.

After that, it took four years to liquidate and organize the company, which was very difficult.
I started over and worked hard at my daily job in the design planning business, inbound tourism driver, and part-time land transportation.

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to join RE/MAX as an agent.
I registered as an agent because I thought I could grow at Remax for two or three years in the same one year.


Real estate agent, second-class architect, advanced financial planning technician, first-class EX planner, architectural and civil engineering construction management engineer, etc.

《Hobby Qualifications》
First class small boat pilot, large-sized motorcycle license, large-sized second class license, C-MAS diving certification, etc.

Favorite motto

①Don't rush, don't regret.
②Only those who do not give up hope will find a way.


I would like to become a trusted RE/MAX agent for our clients by utilizing my knowledge and experience that I have spent more than half of my life, including my career in real estate, construction, and profitable business planning.

【My Strengths】
・Failure-proof real estate purchase and management, inheritance and auction property income planning gained from experience of failure.
・Particularly good at residential and income planning for deformed terrain such as triangular lots and flagpole lots.
・Revitalization Plan for Shuttered Shopping Streets.
・Renovation planning and sales of private accommodations and shared houses on Awaji Island.
・We have connections with large scale development house builders and the Dentetsu Real Estate Development Department, so please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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