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Kosei Suzuki


Kosei Suzuki

Registered real-estate broker


Born in Takatsuki City, Osaka in 1983, he is a genuine Kansai native, having grown up in Takatsuki City. He graduated from Osaka Prefectural Ibaraki High School and the Faculty of Law at Ritsumeikan University.
While in college, he took the judicial scrivener exam six times, but unfortunately failed because he was one step away from passing the exam (during that time, he worked part-time as a caddy at a golf course and as an assistant at a judicial scrivener firm).
He then worked as a Shinto priest (priestess) at a shrine for about seven years, followed by experience mainly in corporate sales at an educational service and temporary staffing company.
Upon obtaining his Real Estate Transaction Specialist license, he took a leap of faith and opened his own business as a sole proprietor in January 2022. At the same time, he took a new step forward in the real estate industry with RE/MAX.


・Registered real-estate broker


・Baseball games, etc.

Favorite motto

・Once-in-a-lifetime encounter (hence should be cherished as such)
・Slow but steady wins the race


There is a saying, "Life is full of peaks and valleys," and I am sure that everyone has experienced setbacks and failures, to varying degrees. I myself have experienced several major setbacks and failures.
Despite being a ronin, he failed the National Center Test for University Entrance Examinations (now the Common University Entrance Test) and was unable to take his first choice of schools, and failed his second choice of schools. As mentioned above, he failed the judicial scrivener examination six times. The shrine where he planned to work until retirement became ill and he retired after about 7 years, etc. In addition, although different from setbacks and failures, I have some experience in caring for relatives.
What I have learned from these experiences has become my life's bread and butter, and I am proud to say that it will be of great use to me as I work as a "real estate agent who can be close to each and every one of my clients.

The purchase of real estate is said to be "the biggest purchase in life" for many people. Of course, it is very important which housing to purchase. However, I think that "from whom (who mediates)" purchase is also very important as much as it is. This applies not only to purchases, but also to sales, leases, consulting, etc.
We, real estate agents, are not company employees (salarymen). (Please be assured that we consult, cooperate, and collaborate with other real estate agents and office owners.) Therefore, there are no quotas or company (supervisor) orders as is the case with ordinary salespeople, and we aim to make proposals and conclude contracts in a manner that meets the client's needs as much as possible.
We believe that the conclusion of a contract is not the goal, but rather the beginning of our activities. We strive to build a relationship with our clients so that they can feel free to contact us anytime and any number of times for any real estate-related concerns or advice they may have in their future lives, not just for a one-time transaction.

In the spirit of the aforementioned "motto," we are working toward our goal of becoming "a real estate agent who cherishes encounters and relationships with each and every one of our customers and with whom we can build a long-lasting relationship. Please feel free to consult with us if you are considering "wanting to sell, buy, lend, or borrow" real estate or if you are having problems. Introductions from relatives and friends are also welcome. We look forward to hearing from you.

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